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Dr. Crystal Miller teaches leaders how to build and create  dynamic, high performing teams.  Having a high performing team is essential to scaling, having the freedom and flexibility you desire and keeping you focused on being the visionary. As a CEO for almost 15 years, she understands the pain points that leaders face, from hiring to firing, and EVERYTHING in between! 

The Team Academy focuses on all things teams!  A deep-dive into the purpose/vision of the business, how to attract and keep your tribe, strategy, as well as mindset and mechanics around building the culture that makes the business productive and effective. Inside Team Academy, we help you, as the leader, identify and develop the team best suited for your leadership and business so that you are set up for success from the beginning.  This program is the only one on the market that provides the clarity, strategy and support for creating your thriving A-team! 

If you aren't having fun building, developing and supporting your team, you won't be attracting the right people!

“It is my passion to help businesses thrive through strong teams.  We develop, coach, and support teams so that you, as the leader,  can be the visionary in your business and have the freedom and flexibility that you desire.”

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About Crystal Miller, DrPH

Dr. Crystal Miller helps leaders build their A-team the first time. As a CEO for nearly 15 years, leading a team of over 100 employees and a multi-million dollar agency, she spent many years figuring out the roadmap to developing high performing teams.  Dr. Miller knows first hand the difference having a strong team makes for your company.  Developing and leading a team requires vision, proven strategies and business acumen from you as the leader. Having an up-leveled mindset that exudes confidence and trust in yourself and your team is a critical component that many leaders undervalue.

She started this business after consistently finding that leaders had a passion for their business, but lacked the knowledge and confidence in building and developing a team to help their business scale and avoid burnout.  “The Team Academy” is a program focused on all things teams, designed to give leadership freedom and flexibility to focus on higher level business needs.  Inside the Academy, we focus on emotional intelligence, mindset and mechanics, and how to weave individual mindsets into teams so that it works for the end goal.  This program is designed to help your team leverage their skills and help your business thrive!  An essential component of this program is focusing on your vision as the leader, engraining that into your hiring process and daily work so that you are attracting AND keeping the right team members.  Dr. Miller thrives on helping individuals mesh as a team for a common purpose. She is on fire to help passionate leaders have a bigger impact on this world through teams.

She is a mom of two energetic boys, ages 7 and 12, that are heavily involved in sports. Her family loves boating and spends the Summer months at the lake.  Dr. Miller’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education, a Master’s Degree of Public Health as well as a Doctorate of Public Health.  All from the University of Kentucky. 


The Team Academy:

Helping You, Your team, & Your business THRIVE!


Building your team should be a FUN & EXCITING time!

Having a strong team is the most essential component of a thriving business.

Inside the Team Academy, we focus on high level mindset, mechanics and improving all facets of being unique individuals working together as a strong unit for the same mission.  

The Team Academy coaches and supports your team, while you, the leader, focus on being the visionary and your   

Goals and Dreams.


Scott County Citizen of the Year Award

For making a significant contribution to the community of Georgetown and Scott County

Outstanding Director of the Year Award

Outstanding commitment and service to the field of public health across Kentucky

“As the leader, creating your A-Team will be your wisest investment.  The average turnover in staff costs more than DOUBLE to replace, not to mention time and energy loss (and a lot of frustration).  A program that teaches you how to build a high performing team, keeps your passion for your business strong, while giving you the freedom and flexibility that you deserve is not an expense, it is an investment.”

The Team Academy

Elevate Your Team and Watch Your Business Thrive.

A Coaching & Support Program: 

  • Deep dive client discovery call
  • CEO visionary and mission work
  • 1x/month CEO session
  • 2x/month team coaching session
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessments
  • Coaching/Support/Q&A Sessions
  • Learn how to lean in, trust yourself and implement a proven system that works!

A SNEAK PEAK of trainings we teach inside “Behind the Scenes”:

  • The importance of your vision and leadership as the CEO 
  • Why the non-sexy stuff in your business matters (ie developing job descriptions, employee handbook, organizational chart, SOPs, etc)
  • Laser focused interview questions to get the most out of an interview
  • Setting expectations for your teams success
  • How to elevate your mindset and why this is critical
  • What type of team member will thrive under your leadership
  • When, why and how to have difficult conversations
  • Effective leadership with healthy boundaries
  • Importance of using data driven decisions in your business
  • Building a roadmap for an effective management structure

Client Testimonials

“Dr. Miller is very kind, compassionate, and her personality puts you at ease. I felt comfortable discussing things with her that almost nobody knows about me…very deep and personal things, yet I never felt judged or treated like less of a person. In fact, rather the opposite. Dr. Miller used the emotional intelligence assessment coupled with my personal story to coach me how to get past things that have held me back for over 20 years. She helped me gain confidence and provided me with strategies to leverage some of my personality traits in a way that benefited me, when I once viewed them as flaws. Dr. Miller provided guidance and encouragement to focus on things I had spent decades avoiding, and ironically, I began to like me. Working with Dr. Miller has been a pleasure from day one. It genuinely feels like she’s had my back from the start. Her approach is very authentic, yet completely professional, so you are comfortable and secure in knowing that she will never repeat the things you say to her in private to anyone. She’s a very intelligent lady, but she is very approachable. If you are willing to put in the work, she’s right beside you to make sure you get the results you are after!”

– Brian Ramsey

“Dr. Crystal Miller is a fierce woman, who leads by example.  When I first met her (through a business lunch) it felt like we had known each other our entire lives.  She felt like my sorority sister or childhood friend immediately and this is not something that I feel often. I am very closed off and I do not warm up easily. However, this relationship became so easy and natural to open up and communicate. Through conversation, I realized her experience in emotional intelligence and I had to know more. I needed to understand how to strengthen my weaknesses as a leader in my company. Crystal quickly not only became someone I consider a friend but a mentor and business coach.  You can not go wrong with Crystal, I lead a women-owned company and will say that I have seen huge improvements in my leadership skills after working with Crystal.”

– Crystal Geis  

“I have had the privilege of being coached by Crystal for the last 2 years. She has given me the tools I need to improve my professional performance as well as my personal relationships. I have been able to hone my strengths and recognize my weaknesses. Although I feel like this program improved every aspect of my life, professionally I have been promoted twice since enrolling in this program and have the confidence that I can continue to excel through the strategies I learned.”


“I signed up for this program to advance my leadership skills but it ended up having a tremendous impact on my personal life as well. The strategies that Dr. Miller taught were effective in helping me realize I could take on less, be more effective, have a greater impact and have more free time to spend with my family. She helped instill the confidence in me to make the changes that now have a lasting impact on my life. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning how to be a more effective leader in any aspect of their life.”

– Amy

Doctor Miller is AMAZING! She has worked with the company I just became a part of a few months ago and the first time I met her it was like talking with an old friend. She is so easy to talk to and gain counsel from and I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to strengthen their team. She’s incredibly talented and has made so many changes to the team that when I came along it felt like I was joining a crew that was dedicated to creating a positive environment and that was a breath of fresh air for me. Everyone credited Dr. Miller for this and her suggestions for me have been a game changer. Highly recommend!

– Rebecca Combs

I can’t imagine where I would be in my leadership level without Crystal and her guidance! Within only a few sessions, I was able to better identify my strengths and weaknesses that enhanced and restricted my skills as a leader. In a series of small group sessions, I was able to connect and thrive with people that embarked upon a rewarding (and at times trying) journey of self-discovery. Crystal compassionately guided us through feelings, emotions, fears, and constricting thoughts that I was not even aware of that was keeping me from being not only the leader I knew I could and needed be, but the mom, friend, and person I knew I needed to be. If you are going to invest in yourself-do it with Dr. Crystal Miller!! You, your team, family and friends will be better because of it!

– Ashlee Gaunce

I have had the privilege of getting to work with Dr. Crystal Miller. I personally have been able to see her at work in multiple different scenarios from her interviewing, to building her website to watching her light up while she coached our team to build and establish a better culture!
Words cannot describe the woman that she is! She is strong with leading, and has the ability to communicate with anyone about their strengths as well as their weaknesses!! Dr. Crystal Miller possesses every quality you would want in a business coach! Dr. Miller helped our team understand the value of who we are as an entire team. She came in and worked with us one on one as well as in a group. She not only taught me value as an employee, but she helped me understand value as a woman! Thank you, Dr. Miller, I truly appreciate you!

– Lisa A.

I’ve had the honor and PRIVILEDGE of working with Dr. Miller for the past 15 years. Under her direction, I have grown tremendously in my leadership skills. Dr. Miller’s approach is one of teaching self awareness and building upon strengths. She has been instrumental in providing me the tools and insight “I” need to successfully lead and grow my team. I say “I” because she truly tailors her coaching to the individual, their opportunities for growth, and capitalizes on strengths. Under her coaching, I have been able to be a more respected leader, tapping into empathy and mindset as crucial factors in leading a dynamic team to the next level. However, my growth has not just been professional but personal, as well. I’m able to think clearer, and not react hastily or with negative emotion, when difficult situations arise.

Additionally, I have been honored to work with Dr. Miller in team coaching as she has worked with team members honing listening skills and changing/elevating mindsets. Her ability to coach around having difficult conversations has opened communication barriers with her clients, allowing them to be more team oriented and solutions driven.

Finally, Dr. Miller is service driven and committed to ensuring her clients receive 110% of her focus and energy on growing and leveraging their personal and professional well-being! I highly recommend her program. Don’t wait to experience excellence, START TODAY!

– Rachel Kendall

Dr. Crystal Miller has an amazing ability to lead teams. My company culture needed a ton of help (lots of negativity flowing) and Ms. Miller helped me as a business owner to understand the strengths and weaknesses of my employees and where I lacked in leading them as an actual team. We had HARD conversations. We laughed, we cried and we learned about each other. We now are able to effectively communicate, we understand each other’s quirks and I finally have people around me that not only I trust but that are now turning into leaders themselves. I can rest at night knowing my team has my back and understands the mission we are all on together. I use to dodge employees because I dreaded any type of conflict and now I appreciate the ability we all have to openly communicate. The coaching we received has truly brought my entire team so close and we truly are rock solid now. I am trying to keep this short and sweet but if anyone wants a reference I am an open book. JOIN the program I swear Dr. Crystal Miller will not let you down, she is an amazing coach.

– Crystal Geis